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You can start exploring your wants and needs with our Lifestyle Quiz! Plus, look at transformations with our Before and Afters, then let us know how we can help you.

lifestyle design quiz

Lifestyle Quiz

The Lifstyle Quiz is where you start to look at how you use your space and what you want from it. It is the basics you need to know before starting a project.

So, How Can We Help You?

We can work a number of ways & want to find out more about your project in order to serve you best. We believe in open communication & getting to know your wants & needs, that is why we prefer not to work hourly. That way you are not rushed or worried about getting a bill for asking us a question. Plus, you can actually budget for the entire cost of your project.

We try to structure our compensation by the project, but will work the way it is most prudent & affordable for both us & our client.
The usual result is getting our services virtually the same as regular retail prices.

These are some of the most common ways we can help you:

  • We can plan your space from nothing to completely finished. We will do floor plans & create the perfect use of space. We will find the perfect furniture pieces from multiple sources to create a space that is yours alone. We believe in mixing pieces to create a designer look that seems effortlessly, collected. We will pull the perfect fabrics, colors & plan for all your lighting & accents. When your installation occurs, we will bring all the extra accessories needed to complete the space.
  • We can plan your space from start to finish, but in incremental stages. We will still plan your space, but will strategically plan the room in stages. We will find the best way to split your project into budget friendly bites, so your space fills more & more finished until the final stage when it is complete.
  • We can reuse what you have & just update it. We will find out all of the things we have to work with & use them to create a full plan. We will advise you on what we can & what we cannot reuse, then what we will need to add to pull the space together.
  • Kitchen & bath facelifts; If your kitchen has good bones, but has become dated we can give it a facelift that won’t cost you a full remodel. We can design new colors, materials & fixtures and tell you what will get you the most impact in changing. In the end a face lift will cost a fraction of the time and money of a regular remodel & it will look like a new space.

Read More about How We Work

When we agree to work for our clients we want to have an open, honest relationship. Over the years we have found it helps to layout many of our policies & guidelines, so clients understand how we work:

  • We will always need a budget. (Just like you can buy a car for 10K-40K, you can do a project on many budgets.) If we have no guideline it makes every decision very difficult. We worry, “is this too much”, or “will they think this is not high end enough”. In our experience, clients who will not give us a budget generally lead to more work & it is harder to finish out the project. We tend to have to rework up or down if we have no guidelines from the start. Therefore, we will have to charge a larger retainer if we cannot get a defined budget in order to accurately plan the project.
  • We promise to always look for the best deals on all of your pieces. We have spent a tremendous amount of time & resources finding the things we use in our designs. We have many sources, some are to the trade only, and some are not. We strive to get our compensation from our vendors, that way you know the bottom line without getting a huge bill for designer hours later.
  • Our retainer is the flat fee we charge to do your project instead of billing you hourly. It is based on the work we estimate in the proposal we give you. This retainer is an amount in conjunction with the compensations we will receive from the materials for the proposed project. This is the combined way we receive our compensations. The retainer agreed to in the proposal is calculated by overall work, time, and gas, combined with vendor compensations. Therefore, If the client makes large changes to the proposal it may result in large amounts of expenses, additional work or losses in vender commissions that could require us to make adjustments to the retainer.
  • We have worked diligently to find the sources for the unique items we supply, just like any other store or boutique; we do not disclose most of our sources to our clients. On occasion we will take you to a source if we feel we want you to see it in person, or if we cannot bring it to you in person. However, some items will be pictures only & we only propose them if we are sure they are the perfect thing for the project. We ask that you would please understand that we must protect our sources for our livelihood just as any other business.
  • Our pricing is very reasonable. We immerse ourselves in a project & work more hours on a few pieces than some designers would work on an entire project. That is because we always want the perfect thing. We will spend the time & sometimes it costs us more than we made, but in the end we want your space to be just right. Even on projects that have decided to work hourly, we are very slim on what we would actually bill hours for & we never would bill you for any question time or emails.
  • (*Does not apply to hourly consulting)Our relationship with you the client is a contract agreement. We agree to design a plan for your project and you agree all purchases will go through us the designers, as that is how we receive our compensation. This relationship is like a real estate agent relationship. If an agent showed you a house to buy, then you went directly to the owner and cut out the agent who found you the house, that would be unethical. It is the same in our relationship. If we work to design or find you an item and you purchase it without us, we will bill the hours we put into it in order to get our compensation. On occasion we have clients who need to do financing through a furniture company and we can bill that portion of the project hourly for them to purchase directly through the vendor.
  • Expectation is everything. We promise to strive to have accurate timeframes for your project. In design, we are subject to many factors & timeframes that are out of our control. We will be sure to inform you of any hiccups in a project. We will try to give windows for times to allow for things that are out of our control. If you have a very specific timeframe needed, please make it clear before planning begins, as many decisions may need to change for a tight timeframe.
  • It is our job as your designers to create a complete space. We understand what is needed to finish off a look. It is important to understand that each individual item in a room may not necessarily be your favorite, but collectively in the space it may be perfect. For this reason, much of the time we will want to wait and not show you until we bring the piece & show you with everything together in the space. This is especially true on art & accents. We are designers, we can see how it will transform in the room, but you may not see it from an individual piece or photograph. This is why you have a designer; to pull the room together in a way you could not by yourself. If you could see it piece by piece, you would not have looked to get a designers help.
  • We will try to make clear individual items return policies. Since we have numerous vendors we are subject to numerous return policies. We always try to get items that can be returned, but find many of the best deals are one of a kind samples from market, etc.; that are final sales. If an item is a final sale, we will make that clear before it is purchased. Once again, on a final sale item we will only suggest it if we are convinced it is exactly what is needed for your space.
  • Custom items have a 72 hour cancellation period. After the 72 hours, materials will be ordered & items cannot be cancelled, as we cannot return materials.
  • We believe in taking off for our family & observing the Sabbath.
    We do not work from evening on Friday through Sunday. Please be patient & respectful over the weekend. (We are passionate too, but it is just decorating) We have not forgotten about you, we will be right back on Monday to take care of anything you need.

We are excited about working with you and can’t wait to add your new beautiful space to our portfolio.
We are available by phone or email with any questions or concerns. (Don’t worry we won’t bill you.)

Thank you for this opportunity,
Mizell & Moore Interiors